Woman and Wine 2023

£585.00 Incl. VAT

Woman and Wine – Charcoal on paper (42 x 59 cm) 2023 by Bob Iles Limited edition print (50 only)


Introduction to ‘Woman and Wine’

This exquisite piece was drawn in Martock, Somerset, following life drawing sessions in the nearby village of Somerton. Bob’s relocation to this picturesque area inspired the graceful lines and curves seen in this artwork. The original drawing of ‘Woman and Wine’ is crafted using willow charcoal on plain 160g (PEFC) paper. This choice of medium allows for delicate line work and subtle shading, resulting in a composition that exudes both innocence and sophistication. The use of willow charcoal contributes to the raw and organic feel of the artwork, emphasizing the natural beauty of the subject.

‘Woman and Wine’ showcases a partially drunk glass of wine and a naked woman, capturing a moment of vulnerability and introspection. The delicate lines and curves in the drawing highlight the artist’s skill in portraying the human form with sensitivity and elegance. The interplay between the drawing lines themselves adds depth to the piece, creating a sense of movement and life.

This artwork is a testament to Bob’s ability to blend technical precision with emotional depth. ‘Woman and Wine’ invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the power of subtlety in art. It stands as a significant piece in Bob’s portfolio, reflecting his growth as an artist since moving to Somerset.

If you are interested in owning the original of this piece please get in contact for more details.